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What You are Getting!

A clearly written ebook that quickly teaches you a process that is:

-Powerful - connects into the subconscious

-Quick (less than 10 minutes)

-Individualized - content comes from your subconscious mind

-Savings - less need for expensive development seminars

-A form of self help that is impossible to second guess

-Capable of releasing mental knots

-Helps you to understand the focus of your subconscious

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The E-Book

How to use the process. An explanation of the simple steps involved with an example to make it simple. 

Use with clients

Learn the extra tweaks to leverage the process with clients. You could make a profitable business with just this process.


All your questions answered. We have put together an extensive list of answers to questions.


Access to one group session to experience the power of the group.

Yes! I Want Growth and Success

You pay $0 for shipping and handling as this is a digital offering only.